Date : 06/06/2017


Parents’ Notice…… 


We have passed through a full phase of one fruitful year, filled with activity, growth, achievements, accolades etc. It has been a very successful year for all our children. In the Std X results announced, out of 154 children, 42 scored 10 pointers and 104 children scored above 9 points. This is the 9th consecutive year that our school is showing 100% results.  All the mentors at JSS take pride in the schools’ record. Now, we are at the beginning of a new academic year ..2017-18. This year CCE system of evaluation has been  done away with and the previous system (full year) has been incorporated.

We  warmly welcome you to the new academic year. 

We will be enumerating only broad guidelines to be followed scrupulously by you . The detailed rules have been mentioned in the Handbook supplied to children. Kindly bare the following points in mind and adhere to them.

a.    Parents should see that the child reach school before 9.30am.

b.   Please see that children come to school in neat uniform. Also take measures like sending umbrella/ raincoat along with them till the end of monsoon.

c.    Please send the textbooks according to the time-table, every day without fail. There will be a call from the school if any book is not sent. You will have to bring and give it to your child. So, please avoid  embarrassment.

d.   We have provided  ‘Study material’ to children. They are not supposed to bring them to school. Few question and answers will be given in the classwork which will be kept in the school itself. This is done to reduce the burden of school bag.  So, children should learn questions & answers from study material  at home along with the textbook lesson thoroughly. Always bare in mind that the textbook is most important.

e.    Homework will be given for Maths subject on daily basis. But other subjects will not have much homework given. Hence, the children have to set study time-table at home separately and allot time for the other subjects. Parents should see that the children practise the lessons completed at school daily.

f.     There will be 4 examinations : July, Sept, Dec, March. With full details:

For July and December:  Each subject will have a paper of 40 marks, out of which 20 marks will be a paper comprising of objective type questions. Children will have to solve this in 30 minutes, after which the questions/answer paper will be taken away. Next, another question paper of 20 marks will be given which consists of detailed answers.

For  December & March: There will be question paper for 80 marks for each subject which will be of detailed answers. Another question paper of 20 marks objective type questions will be taken during revision time itself.  This is done because we want the children to attempt quality exams like NEET, IIT,JEE , CET confidently. ( In these exams objective type questions are very important) . For 20 marks of every objective assessment revision will not be given. All questions will be from text book. Application based higher order thinking questions will be asked. Children should be thorough with text book lesson so that they can attempt with confidence. Based on above assessment top two children will be awarded as best child of the class, at the end of the academic year. Therefore, train your children by fixing time limit, at home.

g.    Please inform the class teacher of the special talents of your child. Their skills can be tested during ‘Assembly’ session. Further, they can be given special training. Similarly, if your children are taking coaching in sports, kindly inform the class teacher, so that he/she can be given special attention, and also sent to compete in state/national/ international levels.

h.   Always urge your children to participate in all competitions and activities conducted in the school. Parents should also never miss to take part in school activities, whenever invited. Whether your child participates or not, please attend all activities, so that you will be able to develop  a special bonding with the school.   

We are confident that you as parents will make full efforts in preparing your wards for  a fruitful year.  Wishing your children all the best.!!  



Date : 19/07/2017                                                                             

Parents’ Notice……

     School will remain closed for Nagapanchami on 28th and 29th July 2017. To compensate for the holiday on 29th, the school will work full day on 22/07/2017. The time table of Monday morning will be followed on Saturday afternoon. We request the parents co-operation for this minor change.

     In August 2017, school will be working on 2nd Saturday 12/08/2017. As a consequence, the school will remain closed on 4th Saturday 26/08/2017.




Date : 10/10/2017