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School Re-opening Day 2019 – 2020                      27.05.2019

 JSS SMCS reopened for the academic year 2019 - 20 on 27th May 2019. The students were warmly welcomed at the beautifully decorated entrance with a traditional ‘tilak’. 

The flowers are offered to Lord Ganesh to seek blessings for an auspicious beginning of a new academic year. The students sang the Ganapati stotra and chanted Vishnusahasranama with reverence.

The students were treated with sweets on the occasion. The program ended with the singing of the National Anthem.

World Milk Day                                                     01.06.2019

 On 01.06.2019, World Milk Day was celebrated Nandini groups have put the stalls with milk products. Children of class 3 performed an advertising song Doodh - Doodh and motivated other children to add milk products in their diet. Shri. S K Yavagalmath was invited as Chief guest of the programme. Inauguration was done by chief guest by making a girl child to drink toned milk.  Shri. S K Yavagalmath spoke to children & said it gave immense happiness to me to be a part of such a programme, he also emphasized on his speech on consuming milk & milk products for healthy body. Principal Smt. Sadhana. S thanked everyone on this occasion.


Bal Suraksha Diwas                    01.06.2019 

On 01/06/2019 a talk on Bal Suraksha Diwas was organized in the school. WSC T.K.Suryavamshi was the chief guest of the programme. Principal Smt. Sadhana.S welcomed her for Assembly & spoke on the necessity of Balsuraksha. Chief guest Suryavamshi spoke to children & said “Safty should be the first preference. Children should know their address, should not talk to unknown people, should not eat anything given by unknown people. Programme ended with vote of thanks by Smt. Vanishree.


World Environment Day                                              04.06.2019


World Environment day was celebrated on 04/06/2019 by our school children. 100 students took part in the rally & donated plants to all the heads of the institutions. All the students took ought that they are going take care of trees and plants.

Save environment, save water, save earth, slogans were spread by students in the campus. Dr. Ajith Prasad CFO, JSS, Principal Smt. Sadhana.S staff and students were present on the occasion.

Mango Food Mela Day                                               15.06.2019


On 15/06/2019, Mango Food Mela was arranged by Students of class 6. All the children took active part in the Mela. Children prepared sweets, juices, milkshakes, cakes, pickle etc., Dr. Ajith Prasad C.F.O of Janatha Shikshana Samiti visited the mela and praised the efforts of children. He expressed on consuming vegetables and fruits available according to season. Principal Smt. Sadhana. S thanked everyone.

International Yoga Day                                                 21.06.2019


On 21/06/2019 JSS SMCS organized a mass yoga performance, in the campus foregrounds under the guidance of Smt. Uma Joshi from the Art of Living foundation, the school students and teachers performed all the asanas required to maintain our general health, both spiritual and physical. Present on the occasion were Smt. Sadhana. S Principal, who oversaw the proceedings and Smt. Sukanya Shee, co ordinator, who warmly welcomed one and all, along with all the teachers, Kumari Sakshi Patil of class-9 anchored the event. Among the asanas performed were the Trikonasana, chakrasana and Baddakonasana along with pranayama. Kumari Suvarna of class 6 stunned the audience with an impeccable display of flexibility in performing several difficult asanas. The verdant, quiet and green surroundings come alive to the mass reverberating sound of “Om” of hundreds of students clad in white T-Shirts and caps to mark the International Yoga Day.

Doctor’s Day                                                     01.07.2019


On 01.07.2019, Doctors day was celebrated by our students  class 1 to 5. More than 300 students dressed up as doctors and visited SDM University of Medical Sciences. Along with the Principal Smt. Sadhana.S, coordinators and with respective class teachers.

Children greeted all the Doctors of SDM hospital with flowers, Administrator, Doctors, staff and students felt immensely happy by seeing many students who all dressed up as Doctors.

Sweets were distributed to children by SDM authorities.


Parliament Induction                                     04.07.2019

On 04/07/2019, the quadrangle of JSS SMCS was the venue of the installation of the new parliament members of the academic year 2019-20.

The programme began at 2pm with the arrival of the Chief guest Dr. Arun Kumar Shirahatti. After the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries on the dais and the singing of the innovation song by the high school choir group the Principal Smt. Sadhana.S delivered the welcome address.

The badging ceremony followed in which each of the newly elected portfolio holders were badged with their respective portfolio badges, the honours performed by the Chief Guest and the Principal.

Master Vinayak Nandi was elected the Head Boy and Kumari Ishita Ramangoudar the Head Girl. The New Head Boy Master Vinayak and the new Head girl Kumari Ishtita spoke on the occasion reaffirming their promise to carry out their duties sincerely. Then followed the handing over of change by the Mother of Parliament 2018-19, Smt. Nandini to the Mother of Parliament 2019-20 Smt. Avita Chittur. Both these teachers were also duly honoured.

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Guest Dr. Arunkumar Shirahatti advised the students to be disciplined in their lives to achieve success. The programme ended with the proposal of the vote of thanks by Smt. Shailaja Baichwal who also anchored the event.


Guru Poornima Celebration                           16.07.2019

On 16/07/2019, Gurupoornima was celebrated in a grand manner with great religious piety and solemnity as required by the occasion. More than 500 students participated in the event. A special arena of display and exhibit of our ancient Gurukula system was specially arranged on the occasional. Education, knowledge and learning cannot be assimilated only through books, rather they constitute an elaborate life system, was the message sought to be conveyed in the event. This was accompalished by setting up theme based exhibits, with students dressed up to suit the parts/characters, that they portrayed.

The wrestling akhada, the gurukul ashram replete with the washing place, the students helping with cooking, cleaning and other chores the seeking of alms, the barns, cowsheds the flower garland making, Dhannvantari Aushadhalayas, women grinding corr (Jowar) on grinding stones; all the above depictions stole the hearts of visitors at the event.


The Secretary Dr.N. Vajrakumar and CFO Dr. Ajithprasad visited the event and blassed the students immensely appreciating their commendable efforts towards this project. The Principal Smt. Sadhana.S wished one and all on the occasion. Also present were all the coordinators, teachers and students of JSS SMCS.


Independence Day Celebration                       15.08.2019

On 15th August 2019, the Independence Day was celebrated with great patriotic fervor.

The function began with the customary hoisting of the Tricolor accompanied by the singing of the National Anthem. The dignitaries on the occasion included the Chief Guest DR. Ajith Prasad, Finance Officer, all the heads, teaching and non teaching staff members of the whole JSS group of institutions.


Kumari. Zofia Borgis spoke on the occasion. The programme ended with the proposal of the vote of thanks.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration                                    23.08.2019

On 23/08/2019Shri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great religious fervor in JSS SMCS. The school wore a colourful and decorated look on the auspicious occasion.

A group of more than 500 students significantly and colorfully bedecked as Radha’s or Krishna’s respectively, stole the show, as they enthusiastically participated in the pallakki procession.

The pallakki (Palanquin) bearing the deity Lord Krishna, was borne along by the costumed students who sang bhajans and chanted ‘Hare Rama and Hare Krishna’ enthralling the on looking spectators.

After taking part in the pooja ceremonies, the Principal Smt. Sadhana.S spoke on the occasion wishing one and all prosperity to be showered by Lord Krishan.


All the students and teachers took blessings of ‘Lord Krishna’ and partook of the ‘prasadam’ which was distributed on the occasion. The whole JSS College campus come alive with the auspiciousness garnered by the Pallakki Procession and the pooja ceremonies. 

                                         National Sports Day                             29.08.2019

On 29/08/2019Sports Day was celebrated in School ground. Shri. G D Shindey, Retired Sports Officer was the chief guest for the programme. On his 194th seminar, he spoke to children on the topic Our National Sports Day and our national game Hockey. While speaking he emphasized in the courageous and obedient character of Dhyanchand, Indian Hockey star. His team had won match and received award from Adalf Hitler.


          Principal Smt. Sadhana S welcomed every one for the event and honored all P.E Teachers on the occasion. Programme was anchored by Smt. Vanishree and vote of thanks rendered by co-ordinator Smt. Shubhangi.