A school is the second home for children. A home is where the child finds the real foot hold to the outer world. A place where children are transformed into discipline and responsible citizens, A place where child’s soul lives. Should it not be made a place full of life, full of energy? These stipulations are laid down so that children adhere to them strictly and inculcate a strong sense of discipline and punctuality.


Students must report to school by 9.20 am for the prayer session. The gate will be closed soon after and latecomers will have to stand out for the first period. If they continue to be late for two days continuously, they will be sent back home.

·    Late comers are to get their late-coming record signed by the teacher in-charge and attested by the parents. Late comers should not enter into arguments with the monitors posted at the entrance.

·  The students should compulsorily attend the prayer Consideration is given to only those who are ill or had an injury and thus cannot stand for the assembly.

·  Since English is the medium of instruction, students should converse in English compulsorily in the school premises and all teaching and non teaching staff shall ensure compliance fro it during school hours.

·  The students should not remain unnecessarily absent in the final analysis, shortage of attendance will result in not being allowed to take examination.

·  Books should be brought to school as per the time table neatly covered and labeled. If not school will phone up to the concerned parent to bring the required text book/ note books to school.

·  In case the students not complete their class work/home work in time, they will have to stay and complete the work before 4:30 p.m. Parents will have to take them home thereafter.

·  Children will not be allow to go home in the middle of the day for any reason.

·  Children found scribbling on walls, desks, toilets etc. and messing up with school property will be reprimanded and not be allowed to attend school for a week.

·  Every student should take care of school property with utmost care. Any damage to the school property or buildings, breaking of class furniture or lab equipment or loss of library books, defacing of the school properties will be dealt seriously.

·  The students should not carry mobile phones, digital music players, electronic gadgets, cash or any valuables to school. Strict action will be taken in case children are found with such electronic gadgets and these gadgets will not be returned. The school is not responsible for any loss of personal property of any student.

·  Students must be always polite to all fellow students, teachers and all other non teaching staff including helping staff and bus staff of the school.

·  Use of abusive language and harsh tones is not permissible in any situation. those trying to engage in manhandling, fights, quarrels etc, will be dealt strictly and sterm action will be taken

·  School dairy should be neatly maintained and updated every day.

·  Children should respect teachers all the time. They should not indulge in imitating others, calling nicknames and other unhealthy practices.

·  Food should not be wasted. Children should finish their tiffin boxes which will be checked by the class teacher.

·  Children should move in a line while going from class to class. They should not run about in the quadrangle unnecessarily. Always maintain silence. Children should not go out of their class without the permission of the teacher concerned.

·  Children should not touch others bags or belongings.

·  Children should not engage themselves in conversation with unknown people, strangers or children from other schools.

·  Children should not indulge in arguments with parents of other children but inform the principal immediately.

·  Children should never engage in malpractices like copying in tests and examinations. The papers of those who copy and those who help in copying will not be evaluated.

·  Children should not try to correct marks card, exam paper, or test papers by themselves. But inform the teacher if any difference is noticed by them.

·  Project work, assignments etc., should be submitted in time. This should be done with own effort and not in others hand writing. Grade and marks will not be given if assignment/project work is not submitted in time.

·  Children should not miss any special classes. Any inconvenience should be brought to the notice of the class teacher.

·  Unnecessary harassment, punishment, beating etc. inflicted by the teacher should be brought to the principal’s notice.

·  Children should follow correct hygienic habits in school. Classrooms should be neat, unwanted things should be put in dustbins, handkerchiefs maintained and toilets flushed properly after use.

·  Children should note down points in the home book and study at least for three hours at home. They should show the book when teacher asks for it. Children should solve maths problems daily.

·  No students shall be allowed to move in the town bazaars/ shopping centers/meals/ social functions/ movies and Govt. undertaking offices in school uniform/without written permission of the school heads during school hours.

· No student shall indulge in political activities. Students will not be allowed to take any tuition in the school premises.

· The decision taken by head of the school & authorized committee is final in binding the terms of school administration, management, academic and all other related disciplinary matters and the school administration is solely responsible for making the school functioning smooth.



·         The students should take pride in wearing the uniform

·        Students must follow proper uniform code and avoid wearing fancy items on working days. Hair properly combed and nails pruned.

·         The students must have a valid identity card issued by the school throughout their presence in the school and out-door activities of the school.

·         The students must wear the uniform daily to the school which is approved or provided by the school. There are different uniforms for regular classes and physical education classes. The students must wear the cloths as per the class time tables and strictly follow it.The students must follow the uniform code as mentioned in the school dairy. Colorful sweater and shawls will not be permitted.

·         The students must understand that wearing the uniform without all accessories is considered as incomplete uniform and is an insult to the uniform. Wearing unwashed crumpled, very tight or of smaller size for the students is considered as bad uniform. This will incur an entry in the uniform inspection record in the diary.

·         The boy students should have short hair. Punk and spikes or any trendy hair cut is not permitted.

·         The girl students must make two plaits (braids) or tie two pony tails. No girls will be allowed to keep her hair open unless very short. Ribbons or hair band if used should be  plain black only.

·         Hats, caps, sweat bands and sun glasses are not allowed in the school.

·         No girl student will be allowed to wear make-up except on special function days.

·         Black shoes as per the  school uniform should be worn by students

·         Only girl students will be allowed to wear small studs in the ears

·         Sikh boys and girls will be permitted to wear a Kada. Any other religious thread or locket if worn should be inside the shirt and should not be visible.

·         Tilak, bindi, nail polish and flowers in hair not permitted.



·         Students must take initiative in getting his/her work completed if he/she misses a class due to any reason. The teachers would surely help them, but it is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind them (for class III and above).

·    The formative and summative examination dates will be informed well in advance.

·    The difference between a first ranker and others is made by his/her own grasp and regular study habits. The students are expected to develop regular study habits and not just prepare before the exam.

·         Extra reading and widening the horizons of knowledge is always appreciated by the school.

·    Students’ participation is extracurricular activities is appreciated. However participation in extracurricular activities or interschool competitions cannot be used as an excuse from studies.

·    The students are expected to study thoroughly for the exams. Students found to be indulging in unfair practices during examination will be dealt strictly.

·    Participation in external assessments, tests and competitive exams is purely optional but is recommended by the school.

·    The exams, tests and internal assessments in the school will be carried on as per the recommendations of CBSE and will be changed as per the circulars from the board from time to time. The students and parents will be communicated the changes in due time, if any.



The library is the treasure of knowledge & learning. It must be treated with respect and care.

·  Silence must be maintained in the library at all times.

·  Students must not carry outside reading material to the library.

·  The students may choose the book from the shelves. They must take the book to the librarian to get them issued. No student will take the book out of the library without the issue record entry by the librarian.

·  News papers, magazines, periodicals and books are to be handled with care.

·  Book borrowed from the library if lost, damaged or scribbled, will have to be compensated by the cost plus penalty.

·  Books shall not be exchanged among the students.

·  The students retaining the book beyond the date expected date of return will be charged a penalty.

·  The books from the reference section will not be issued to take home.

·  The maximum period for keeping a book is one week. If someone has not finished reading it then he/she must bring the book to the library and get it re-issued if no other student has demanded for the book or adequate other copies are there.



·    Students must not enter the labs if science teacher or lab assistant is not there in the laboratories.

·    The students must read and follow the safety measures displayed in the laboratories.

·    The student should follow the instructions given by the teacher and the laboratory assistant.

·    The students must bring the lab record books and observation note book to the lab.

·    Students must record all observations immediately after the experiment is conducted.

·    Students should finish the experiment within the allotted time.

·    Students must handover the chemicals and apparatus taken for the experiment to the teacher.

·    The students must not touch the apparatus or chemicals unless instructed by teachers.

·    Students must not switch on or off any equipment without instructions from the teacher.

·    Students must not try out any experiment in the absence of science teacher or lab assistant.

·    Wastage of water or chemicals in laboratories must be avoided.

·    Students are strictly warned against playing pranks and practical jokes with anyone using lab chemicals or instruments.

·    Students should wear glouse compulsorily while handling corrosive chemicals.

·    Breakage of any glass apparatus has to be brought to the notice of teacher or lab assistant.



·         Students must not enter computer labs if teacher or lab assistant is not there.

·    The students must read and follow the rules of discipline displayed in the computer lab.

·    Students must bring the computer notebook or lab records on all days of computer period.

·    The students should not load or delete programs on school computers.

·    The students should access the files and programs strictly as instructed by teacher and must not try to access any other programs or files saved in the computers of the lab.

·    Using the CD, external hard disk or pen drives are permitted only after the teacher’s consent .

·    The students should properly execute the lab activities given by the teacher.

·    Students should not misuse the lab furniture.



·         Students must not run or shout while going to play ground and while returning back to school.

·    Students must be careful about their own safety and do not cause any injury to any one intentionally or unintentionally.

·    Obey the physical education teachers.

·    Keep the sportsman spirit.

·    Do not indulge into foul and unfair practices.

·    Participate wholeheartedly in competitions to bring glory to the school.

·    Inform the school authorities about any health related problems that may prevent the student from participating in Physical education activities.

·    Sports materials taken from the school should not be misused and should be returned back to the school after its use.


·         Students should be in their respective bus stops in time.

·    The bus will not wait for any one. Missing bus will not be a valid excuse for remaining absent from the school.

·    Students should board the bus correctly at the end of school & occupy their places in the bus.

·    Children should not change their places, play in the bus, etc., when the bus is on the move

·    Children should not quarrel, spoil seat fittings, doors, windows etc., in the bus. We may cancel their entry in the bus if we get any complaint from the driver.

·    A change in residence or spot for pick and drop must be intimated to school office immediately


The leader is a person who due to his/her immense potential and skill directs and helps the people to the path of success. Though a school can do a lot for a child, the home is the first place where the child gets education and training to become a good citizen. It is the chief place where the child’s character is formed and developed. School education indeed promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the qualities that are in the children in order to bring the best in the child, maximum cooperation between the parents and the school is required. As is always emphasized only one side of a coin cannot give full value to money. The “right education” gets defined only when parents and teachers work as two sides of a coin. The parent’s note becomes eminent in child’s development. Teachers work on one side i.e, at school but ultimately the parents support is what makes the child evolve in a right way.

In moulding the child’s bright future some rules are listed below that are to be borne in mind and followed scrupulously:

·    Kindly make your child ready for school and ensure that the child comes right in time to school.  In case you are late please don’t enter into argument.

·    Please see that your child comes in neat school uniform. It is better that the students maintain two pair of socks as it is often observed that the socks worn continuously emit bad smell and create nuisance in the class.

·    Please do not send the child to school if the child suffering from contagious or infectious ailment.  Prior permission should be taken if the student is not able to attend the school by sending the leave letter/ by phone in case the child is sic. The child can attend the school after recovery along with medical certificate

·    Children should not be take home in the middle of school hours. In case of emergency or vey genuine reason you can do so with the permission of the Principal/co-ordinator

·    Meeting the class teacher during school hours is not permitted. However, principal will be available for any queries.

·    In case your child has a tiff/fight with another child, please don’t deal directly with the other child’s parents or the child. Kindly inform the principal and settle down the things amicably. All are our children and every child’s problem will be solved.

·    Kindly attend parents meet, regularly and don’t miss it. In case you are particularly asked to come, please do visit and clarify with the principal. Please bear in mind that this is done for the welfare of your child

·    Please check your child’s dairy class work and home work. Talk to your children about their day in school. Encourage them by talking to them lovingly and for a long time.

·    See that your child spends more time with books, at least four hours a day. Kindly cut down their TV-watching, playing or spending time with friends for long hours.

·    Books should be brought to school as per the timetable. If not, we will phone up to you and you will have to bring the required text/note book.

·    Grades are given to avoid disparity among children. So kindly don’t enquire about marks obtained.

·    Please do not compare your child with others and scold/beat/punish. Instead spot the weak points and encourage them to overcome their difficulty. Never discourage your child as this will have a bad effect on them.

·    Please encourage your child to take up NCC, scouts/guides & other developmental activities. Let them take up sports in big manner.

·    In case your child is good at studies, encourage him/her to take up NTSE, KTSE and other competitive exams.

·    For any competitions held in schools, we give the prizes as per experts decision. These tutors are always from outside. Hence please don’t pick up quarrel with the teachers if your child does not win a prize.

·    In case your child is suffering from any deficiency health wise, please don’t hide any facts. Kindly let us know, so that we can take proper care.

·    In case your children do not complete their class work/homework in time, they will have to stay back after school and complete the same, thereafter, you will have to come and take them home.

·    During the birthday of your child, instead of spending on chocolates you may donate books/ toys/ etc to the school because this will be in your child’s memory. Your contribution will be recorded and be in remembrance always. Contribution by way of books/ toys etc., are always welcome.

·    In case any parents have some extraordinary talent or special knowledge in a subject, you may kindly inform us. We can use your services in the development of the children by engaging extra sessions. You are always welcome.

·    Kindly don’t exert too much pressure on your child to achieve outstanding performance. Your child will be likely to suffer from depression. So don’t insist too much.

·   In case any teacher manhandles, beats, uses abusive language or insists on attending tuitions, kindly bring it to the Principal’s notice.

·    Special classes may be arranged for the student’s benefit sometimes. Bus facility cannot be given at that time. Please make your own arrangement.

·    Cut down on bakery items as far as possible. Please send home-made lunch along with a handkerchief.

·    School fees and any other payment as prescribed by the school should be paid before the due date to avoid inconvenience later.

·    Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse

·    Private Tuitions are discouraged. Class teachers and subject teachers will not be allowed to tutor students on a private arrangement.