School Building

The school is housed in an imposing building and occupies a prominent place in the campus, complete with specious classrooms, specific departments for study, labs, etc. All rooms are neatly maintained and there is an aesthetic sense in the air. Here below, is a brief of the different arms of the infrastructure offered:

Computer Lab 


 A spacious room fitted with latest computer system and accessories, ordinarily seating arrangements, with other fittings, make up for the ‘state of the art’ look! Here, children take to computer at an early stage, and are encouraged to tryout various things. Every effort is made to take them most savvy with computers. After all, today anyone without computer knowledge is labeled ‘Uneducated’!

This lab is also home to a ‘Language lab’ where special sessions are conducted exclusively for the betterment of English in children usage, fluency, phonetics, etc.

 Science Lab


JSS SMCS School has always believed in learning by doing. A well equipped laboratory to conduct practical experiments and activities is established in the institution. The labs support the activity based approach and makes learning significant and stimulating. Our science lab is fitted with the best platform, tables, cupboards, etc and has stock of the best apparatus. It  is taken care to see that the children learn to experiment properly and not just go through the routine. There are three sections one each for physics, Chemistry & Biology.  Another slot is carved out of this spacious lab for maths too !

Activity Hall

This is a unique hall where the walls are full of wild animals and fauna, a ceiling which brings the solar system and stars within handshake distance! This presents the right atmosphere for working at Arts, Craft, and activities like short plays, skits etc.

Hyper Classrooms

 These classroom as the name suggests, are fitted with the most modern ‘smart boards’ which are tail or made for hyper activity. At present 14 such classroom help in making learning an enjoyable experience for the students. Children’s interaction gets a new fillip here and enables them to get instance answers. The teachers also are enabled to make their teaching more effective and productive. These classrooms not only strength the faculties of mind but go further give wings to creativity!


"Reading Maketh a Man". JSS SMCS Library is an expansive collection of books categorically, that suit the reading levels of different age groups. The library also subscribes to leading national dailies and journals. Further there is an audio and video collection that can be used for classroom purposes. A most update collection of reference books in all subjects adorn the many shelves of a big school library. Almost any matter under the sun is available for reference ranging from dictionaries, almanacs to the most recent explanations on the origin of the universe! With the exhaustive collections of books available, children are constantly urged to make to reading. The greenery around makes for a pleasant environment for healthy reading!

Music and Arts

A large room with best acoustic facility fitted with gadgets creates a place for children try out their hand at music. Children are taught bhajans, patriotic songs, folk songs, selected composition of maestros, to the accompaniment of instruments. Our music teacher strives to exploit the hidden talent besides teaching. The hall is also place for dance classes, where children get acquainted to different forms of dancing. Also, rehearsals of drama, plays, and art activity is undertaken here. Thereby, this hall becomes a room for grooming talent.


We believe in the phrase ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ Our  Institution encourages a healthy balance of work and play. Students are encouraged to experience the challenge and reward of sports, spirit of participation and pursuit of excellence through the diverse sports programme available at the school. Qualified and competent instructors manage the sports department. Students learn invaluable lessons in mental strength, concentration, physical conditioning and coordination, strategic and tactical planning and of course, teamwork. Annual inter branch sports meet is conducted to imbibe in the children a competitive spirit. A plethora of activities is kept open for the children to participate. These activities range from athletics / team games as well as indoor games. Our Students have been active competitors in the State Level in 400 mts Running,  under 16 cricket as well as State level Chess.


Dining Hall

 A spacious hall caters to the need of children with providing space and seating for consuming their snacks, lunch etc in a common place. Clean drinking water is provided after observing all hygienic precautions. This hall sees the children enjoy their food without any hindrance. Also, any case of unnecessary litter is solved. Hence the surrounding remain spic and span!


A stage replete with all fittings in the quadrangle serves as large auditorium. Here, many event are arranged and the audience is accommodated without any hitch. This is a place where many success stories are unfolded. Total efforts are made to see that every child gets an opportunity to share stage space.


JSS SMCS School believes in safety and comfort of their students. The fleet of buses provides a comfortable seating for students. The buses have fulfilled the requisite of Government regulation standards. A well equipped first aid box is kept handy in the buses. The bus attenders take care of the seating arrangement for the children. Trained drivers drive the buses on their respective routes. Fleet of buses cover the entire length and breadth of the twin cities. The buses are well maintained and every step is taken into see that the children don’t experiences discomfort during journey.


Health of our child is of prime importance. Complete medical checkup is done periodically by a team of doctor and children are advised suitably. Treatment is also given free to children suffering from disorders, ill – health etc. at the health care center in the campus.


When we promise quality education, we just don’t mean academics. There are areas where due impetus has to be given so that our children become achievers in international level. These activities often termed co – curricular, go on to help children evolve into a perfect individual, with leadership qualities and the like. All important festivals are celebrated with total involvement, so that the children learn their importance besides raising their moral standards.

Children are taken on excursion to places of interest, historical, educational or industrial. Sessions on Nature & environment are arranged, so that the children develop interest in preserving our atmosphere, fight against all type of pollution, and try to make ours a better places to live in.

An exclusive chess hall is created to make children masters in the game. Special coaching is given by international player and after ranking, the selected students are sent to higher level of participation. 

A unique ‘Epics day’ is celebrated each year where theme from the epics chosen, and the various contents are displayed by the children by dressing in pauranic attires. (Ex: Portrayal of selected episodes of Ramayana)


An year long program ‘Talent hunt’ is held, wherein children exhibit their talents in singing, dancing and quiz. Preliminary qualifying rounds and further elimination rounds then culminate in a grand finale where the top performers are selected and crowned.

A Bharat scouts & guides wing functions in the school, Children becoming members absorb the important qualities of being selfless workers of society in times of distress.

A CMC wing also has its unit in our school, aiming to develop civic awareness in children. Different clubs viz; science club, literary club, etc conduct various activities of interest.

Tae kwon do coaching


Our school organizes Tae kwon-Do coaching under the guidance of Shri Parappa S K for classes VIII to X