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    JSS Shri Manjunatheshwara Central School

    Vidyagiri, Dharwad-580004

    Dear Students,

    Greetings to you !

    We have all heard of the various ‘relations’ that exist in society…… such as “Parent-child”, “Brother-sister”, “Guru-shishya”, and so on. What makes for its core value? What makes these relationships vibrant and eternal? We can say there is an enduring ‘bond of love’ which keeps these relations valuable…..making it eternal. Man is a sociable animal. One cannot become a ‘loner’. The bonds that we develop are what raise our spirits and make life meaningful.

    To make the students develop an eternal bond with our institution, we are embarking on a meaningful project…… The launching of our “ALUMNI ASSOCIATION” We wish you maintain contact with the school regularly, meet your mentors, friends, whenever a get-together is arranged, exchange ideas, etc. Whatever field or working conditions may be, but you will end up in fostering a lasting relationship. This will help you refresh memories, thoughts, and also contribute to the development of your Alma-mater.

    Would you please find few minutes to enter the attached form and mail us? Together, let us create a lasting relationship ‘mentor-student-friend-school’ which will go a long way in life.

    This is a clarion call! Come, let us all join and create a lasting relationship!!


    Alumini Form