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    Karnataka Rajyotsava

    • Date November 1, 2019

    On 1st November 2019, the 64th Karnataka Rajyotsava Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and aplomb. The programme began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony in which all the dignitaries on the dais participated along with the Principal Smt. Sadhana.S. This was accompanied by the group song comprising of high school students singing the famous song ‘Hachevu Kannadada Deepa’. This was followed by the Nada Geete on Violin and Casio. The anchors of the programme were Kumari. Vaishnavi Bhat and Kumari Harshita who also welcomed the gathering. Then followed the cultural progarmme.

    Many students spoke on the rich heritage of Kannada and our great state of Karnataka. These students were Kumari. Ramya, Kumari Shraddha and Kumari Ananya. Kumari Roshni and Kumari Prapta presented a dance reciteal to the background score of a song in praise of our state Katnataka.

    An interesting quiz for the audience was conducted, asking some words in English to get their equivalent words in Kannada; students and teachers wracked their brains to get the words and all had great fun in the process.

    The occasion was also highlighted by the honouring of Smt. Sadhana.S by the teachers. Speaking on the occasion, Smt. Sadhana urged the students to be proud of being a Kannadiga and to continue having the respect and regard for the Karnataka state and the Kannada language. The function ended with the proposal of the vote of thanks by Chetanashree and distribution of sweets among students.