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    Sanskranti Sante

    • Date January 13, 2020

    On 13/01/2020, JSS SMCS, Vidyagiri, Dharwad organized a ‘Sankranti Sante’ in its premises. Rapid NGO and Navodyami NGO were the main cohosters of the event. More than 60 renders put up their stalls at the fair. All lit bits related to Sankranti like Yellu Bella, Yellunde, Rotti, and other sweet meats were the hot sellers of the events. Also popular with the customers were Radha-Krishna outfits, Ellina sara and fried items.

    The school students also exhibited an array of things related to the celebration of the Sankranti Festival. Some students came bedecked in the traditional attire to add zest and colour to the fair. Parents and the general public made a beeline to the fair. All were enchanted by the range of products on display. Even the school students and teachers bought the festival requirements at the fair.

    Observing the event, the Principal Smt. Sadhana.S advised the students to be responsible and take part in all traditional activities in their homes. This fair gave them a good chance to do so. She also thanked the Rapid NGO and Navodyami NGO for their contribution in hosting the fair. A special mention of thanks was made for Smt. Vani Purohit of Rapid NGO and Smt. Neeraja of Navodyami NGO.