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    School Re-opening Day 2022 – 23                                                      01.06.2022


    JSS SMCS reopened for the academic year 2022 – 23 on 1st June 2022. All the children came to school with lots of enthusiasm.

    On the entrance of Pooja of Lord Ganesha was performed. Children offered prayers while entering the school and took the blessings. Principal Smt. Sadhana S and teachers welcomed all children for the academic year.

    School assembly was conducted in collaboration with Music group. Musical pipes, musical bells, Casio, Jambia and few other instruments were added in the prayer. Children played these musical instruments while singing prayer. Song ‘We will rock’ and musical bell programme had won the minds of all children. Special Musical instrument Jambias were played by the children.

    Principal Smt. Sadhana welcomed staff and students for the academic year 2023 and wished all the best to everyone. She emphasized on cleanliness, decent behaviors, school rules and regulations. She also spoke about musical collaboration and requested children to join for the music class and become excel in music along with Academics.

    School prayer started with Ajam Nirvikalpam & followed by school prayer Hum Ko Mann ki shakti, Birthday wishes, pledge, News and Principal Mam Speech, Musical Programme by students and ended with National Anthem.


    World Environment Day                                                                              05.06.2022

    On account of  World Environment Day, special programme was organized by Green House Children. Our school children wore green dress and dress up themselves as Tree, Plant, Nature, Flower, Leaf etc.

    “Chipko Movement” was created by children. They surrounded the trees and they took the oath that they will save trees, Plant more trees and save environment.

    Rally was organized by students and staff. Principal Smt. Sadhana spoke on the occasion and said children  should take care of the trees and plants of their locality and contribute for conserving Environment.

    International Yoga Day                                                     21.06.2022

    On 21/06/2022 JSS SMCS organized a mass yoga performance, in the campus foregrounds under the guidance of Smt. Uma Joshi from the Art of Living foundation, the school students and teachers performed all the asanas required to maintain our general health, both spiritual and physical. Present on the occasion were Smt. Sadhana. S Principal, who oversaw the proceedings and Smt. Sukanya Shee, co ordinator, who warmly welcomed one and all, along with all the teachers. Among the asanas performed were the Trikonasana, chakrasana and Baddakonasana. The verdant, quiet and green surroundings come alive to the mass reverberating sound of “Om” of hundreds of students clad in white T-Shirts and caps to mark the International Yoga Day.

    Mango Food Mela                                                                24.06.2022

    On 24/06/2022, Mango Food Mela was arranged by Students of class 7. All the children took active part in the Mela. Children prepared sweets, juices, milkshakes, cakes, pickle etc., Smt. Sadhana S praised the efforts of children. She expressed on consuming vegetables and fruits available according to season.

    Festival Day                                                                       30.06.2022

    “A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration which promote social interaction and harmony”

    On 30.06.2022, Festival Day was celebrated in school by students of Class 2. Children took part actively and got dressed up according to the festivals.

    Class wise festivals were celebrated as-

    2A Holi, 2B Raksha Bandhan, 2C Diwali, 2D Sankranthi, 2E Christmas, 2F Dussehra and 2G Ganesh Chaturthi.

    According to the festivals deportation was done on the terrace. Children will remember important day only if they are told what the occasion signifies.Principal Smt. Sadhana S appreciated the enthusiasm shown by the children.Teachers supported a lot and contributed their participation equally.Apart from classroom learning children were encouraged to celebrate each and every festival and event with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children were exposed to the essence of festivals in various styles – Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan,Ganesh Chaturti and Holi on the same day.

    It was a great way to understand the rich heritage of India and learn about the importance of various festivals.

    Our school wishes to offer the right kind of educational system which is based on moral ethics and allows child to bloom, blossom and thrive, giving the right platform where they work together becoming a responsible citizen.


    Doctor’s Day                                                                           01.07.2022

    On 01/07/2022, Doctors day was celebrated by our students  class 1 to 3. More than 300 students dressed up as doctors and visited SDM Health Centre, Vidyagiri, Dharwad along with coordinator and with respective class teachers. Children greeted all the Doctors of SDM hospital with flowers.  Administrator, Doctors, staff and students felt immensely happy by seeing many students who all dressed up as Doctors.

    Many children acted as Specialist Doctors and enjoyed act of treating Principal and teachers.

    Sprout’s Day                                                                               11.07.2022

    “Sprouts Day” was conducted on 11/07/2022 and the students of 8A to 8G participated actively. Various cooked and uncooked (salads) dishes were prepared by the students. The students also tasted each other’s dishes and relished it.

    At the same time, they understood the importance of sprouts in their daily diets and that how healthy sprouts can be. The students not only actively participated but also enjoyed this activity as a project.

    Respected Principal Smt. Sadhana also highly appreciated the efforts and asked the students to include sprouts in their daily diets for a healthy and fit living.

    Guru Purnima Celebration                                                     13.07.2022

    Gurupurnima was celebrated in the school on 13/07/2022 on a grand scale.More than 500 students participated and dressed up in various attires of Sages and Hermits. The Children presented various skits representing the then Gurukula system and a contrast between today’s education system.

    The programe started with a welcome message.The Chief guest who inaugurated the function spoke to the children specifically reiterating that they should always respect their parents and teachers and uphold them in their highest esteem. He further went on to say that the children should always bow down to their elders, work hard for the good of the society and lead a honest and faithful life.

    Principal Smt. Sadhana heartily welcomed everyone to the function and congratulated the children and the teachers for their sincere efforts and hard work.

    As part of the function, the 10th standard students performed a special “Foot Pooja” for the esteemed guests and teachers.A special musical program was organised by the children and the instrumental group, which was appreciated by one and all.

    Mrs. Vanishree Koliwad presented the programme and gave the vote of thanks.

    Azadi Ka Amruta Mahotsava  – Day 1                                                  12.08.2022

    Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsava – Rally                                                  13.08.2022

    JSS Institutions organized a Rally by 250mtrs long Flag. Almost 3000 students participated in Rally and walked around 5kms.

    Independence Day Celebration                                                     15.08.2022

    Book Exhibition                                                     12.08.2022

    Krishna Janmashtami Celebration                                                     18.08.2022

    National Sports Day Celebration                                                     29.08.2022


    Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration                                                          30.08.2022

    Hindi Diwas Celebration                                                                      14.09.2022

    Kannada Rajyotsava                                                                              01.11.2022

    Tulsi Vivah Celebration                                                     05.11.2022

    Toy Exhibition                                                                                        14.11.2022

    Guitar Performance                                                               22.11.2022

    World Record by playing Happy Birthday Song on guitar by 200 students on one platform

    Millet Fest                                                      23.11.2022

    Charity Camp                                                     23.11.2022