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    Pre – Primary School

    Children of our schools get off to a start, here. This is in fact a home, where tiny tots try out their first step in schooling. Set up in sylvan surroundings, children enjoy their time… a time where they go about playing and picking up things side by side. Here the teachers go to the child’s level and look to his/her needs.

    Besides rhymes, songs and playing, the child gets to know about languages, letters and numbers. Vital lessons are taught in form of stories and small numerical problems are passed so that they get to know basics of core subjects.

    As part of learning process, the children celebrate colour day, festivals and other days of national importance. This makes them develop a strong bond besides learning the relevance of these important events. In all probability the child grows and evolves in to a student ready to meet the demands of schooling. In all humility we make the child’s life happy and prepare the children for a great career.