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    Sri Vishweshathirtha Swamiji is the 32nd pontiff of Pejavar math, one of the Ashatamathas ( 8 mathas) established by Sri Madhwacharya way back in the 13th century, propogating the Madhwa philosophy. Since being initiated as a sanyasi at the young age of 8, the Swamiji grew in stature and is an iconic figure revered throughout Karnataka in particular and the country in general.

    Besides being engaged in the religious duties of the matha in Udupi, the seer keenly monitors the various rites and rituals followed in the service of Lord Sri Krishna, the chief presiding deity of the land.

    The Swamiji has undertaken a number of philanthropic projects like feeding the poor, setting up free hostels for the downtrodden students, and other poverty alleviation programmes. He is outspoken, straightforward and well-known for standing up in protecting and upholding the law. He is very forthright in his views and never hesitates in even taking on the State or Establishment for a just cause….Such is his will-power. He puts up a very humble front, and has a keen ear for developmental activity, supporting all those engaged in fighting for eradication of social evils.

    His Holiness has been the President of the Janata Shikshana Samiti, Dharwad since its inception and was instrumental in making it the pioneer in Education in North Karnataka. He found an able ally in the illustrious Dr.D.V.Heggade, Dharmadhikari,Srikshetra Dharmasthala who is the Chairman of JSS,Dharwad. He has remained our divine grace and always a blessing for us!