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    School Clubs

    Science Club

    Learning sciences involves learning to use ideas of science, interpret, explain and explore events and phenomena in the natural world. Learning can be done through activities where students use their senses, thinking, analyzing and writing their tested experiences. More importantly, students learn to work in a community, thereby taking on social responsibilities. The Science Club is the dearest club of the young scientists of the School. The Club has been helping out both individual students as well as student groups to perform curriculum-based experiments as well as projects. It is a place where various experiments are conducted by the enthusiastic members of the club to improve their problem solving, decision making and investigative skills. Here a whole lot of critical, analytical, technical and scientific dialogue takes place. Some of the events of the club are preparation of charts as per CBSE (X) syllabus, Science Quiz, making of three dimensional models, simple robots etc. The school has founded a Science Club that aims to instill a spirit of scientific enquiry into the young minds. The club bears the philosophy of empiricism and works towards stimulating in the students the application of observation and experiment for the attainment of knowledge and understanding.

    Club Activities:

    • The club organizes an Annual Science Fair and Exhibition in the school.
    • Organizes monthly competitions and quizzes on concepts like heat, temperature, light, sound, force, energy, power, gas laws, water, atomic structure, physical and chemical changes, chemical bonding, acids & salts, plant physiology, animal life and human anatomy etc all the year round.
    • The club also invites eminent professors to interact with the students on various occasions – all geared to the objective of making our students develop their capacity to experiment and observe in addition to, hypothesize and infer inter school participation at National level for science based competitions.


    Sensitizing our young students to environment related issues is the main purpose of the School’s Eco Club.

    • Club Activities:
    • Tree plantation drives.
    • Organizing campaigns and rallies like ‘Say no to Poly Bags’, ‘Say no to crackers’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Energy’, and ‘Green and Clean City’.
    • Projects initiated and undertaken for eco friendly surroundings like Rain Water Harvesting. Project and regular maintenance of compost pits and green house in the school premises.
    • Participation of students in various inter school events.
    • Interaction with other club members of different schools.
    • Participate in community activities related to ecology.

    Maths Club

    The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It aims, through various activities, to help students grasp mathematical concepts better. Outcomes from this club are also ploughed back into the school math laboratory.

    Club Activities:
    Participation in Math Olympiads and other competitions.
    Conduct of mathematics quizzes.
    Study of various math based puzzles, software and games.
    Developing models and aids to facilitate a better grasp of mathematical concepts.

    Health Club

    To encourage interest of youth in physical education, we have set up Health and Wellness clubs focusing on holistic well being of children.Physical education is that segment of the timetable that every student eagerly waits to attend, as it is the time when the students can be on the playground, engaging in their favorite sports. One of the main objectives of physical education is to bring in this element of joy to the academic orientation of schools. The fast pace of life, working parents, lack of suitable playgrounds in the concrete jungles that our cities have turned into and the craze for junk food are some of the causes which are ultimately responsible for making the life of students devoid of physical activities. The school through physical education can inculcate in the minds of the students, the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness. It can help in achieving weight loss among obese children and promote activities like health Tiffin’s etc.

    Club Activities:

    • It introduces healthy habits among the students
    • Gives information regarding nutrient foods and effects without nutrient foods
    • It gives various information regarding contagious diseases, and precautions to avoid such diseases.
    • Medical examination of students by doctors.
    • Gives tips and home made medicines for minor diseases like cough and cold etc.
    • Conducts quiz on heath issues, malnutrition,sanity, personal & environment.

    Integrity Club

    The club launched is for students of classes VI to X. Depending upon the numbers there may be up to 20 groups with 25 students. Activities such as reading the Bhagavat gita, doing yoga, painting and visiting charity homes of nearby villages are done.

    Club Activities:

    • The members teach basic values such as integrity, patriotism, compassion, tolerance, secularism, unity, simplicity and honesty.
    • The club conducts charity show by the talented children.
    • Visiting the nearby villages and observing people’s residence and conditions and distributing clothes and other materials bought from the charity show.

    Heritage club

    The club is launched to promote the awareness of heritage, to inculcate a respect for diversity, tolerance, mutual understanding, patience and promotes peaceful co-existence in school children. To inspire young children and encourage them to build a future through an understanding of the past and the present history. To encourage children to learn about national heritage as well as gain exposure to different heritages around the country. Heritage is a conceptual identity of an area which includes not only built tangible heritage but has intangible aspects like its language, lifestyles, ceremonies, festivities, work cultures inherent /specific of a community.

    Club Activities:

    • To visit historical, religious monuments in different places like Mathura, Agra, Delhi, Mysore, Bangalore, halebidu, Belur, Ajanta, Ellora, Badami, Patadakallu, Hampi, Mumbai, Mt.Abu, Wagha gate.
    • It brings history and the social science curriculum alive for the students through active learning and doing.
    • Every student who becomes a member of heritage club is motivated to participate in heritage conservation and to learn more about their local and natural heritage.

    Literary club:

    As our children have to acquire communicative competence in at least three languages English, Kannada and Hindi our literary club organizes activities to develop qualities like confidence in speaking, accuracy, fluency among the students and to develop communicating skills in expressing the ideas explicitly.

    Club Activities:

    • It distributes books, classics, comics, small story books and encourages the students to tell stories, small speeches, picture reading.
    • It uses various electronic gadgets like smart board, computers, picture reading.
    • It conducts competitions like debates, speech, Essay writing and pick n speak, story telling, reciting poems, dohas etc

    Social studies club:

    To create interest in various aspects of history of mankind, the valor, dedication, sacrifice, tolerance different religions, their philosophies, invasion, co-ordination, co-operation development of culture, civilizations, communal harmony, international understanding are the main object of the club.

    Club Activities:

    • Visiting different religious places such as temples, churches, mosques, jain temples
    • Encourage to read different religious books.
    • Lectures by scholars .
    • Collecting pictures of dharma gurus and brief description of regions and philosophy.
    • Visiting different places observing animals, people adoption to the environment like food, clothing, houses and their livelihood.